Solar Panels Affect Reception

It is possible that a specific part of a solar panel system, the inverter, can cause interference if not properly shielded.  A solar panel inverter, like any other electrical device in the home, can produce interference. Therefore, it is important that this is fitted correctly. If you think your solar panel is the cause of your interference a qualified installer should be able to run some tests to establish if this is the case.

If you are using a loft aerial and install solar panels on your roof, it will significantly reduce reception.

A solar panel inverter will produce some electromagnetic radiation and potentially interference, especially if it is incorrectly fitted during installation.

An inverter converts the DC power produced by solar panels into AC power which is used by your household equipment. The inverter typically uses switching techniques to convert the power, which can cause interference if the inverter is poorly designed and not shielded. A common problem with inverters is that they create broadband noise which can be generated over a very large frequency range. Therefore they can affect both television and radio reception. It is also possible that it can cause interference to your neighbours as the cable that runs from the inverter to the solar panel can be very long and this can act as an aerial radiating the interference over a large distance.  

It is therefore important to ensure you purchase good quality equipment that has been installed by a suitably qualified installer.  They should run a series of tests with you after installation to ensure no interference is present to either your radio or television.


Solar panel on house
Solar panel example


Loft aerial

An aerial in the loft would be significantly impacted reception if the roof is covered in glass and metal from solar panels. The best place for an aerial to get the best possible reception is outside on the chimney stack, if you have one. Every object a digital signal has to pass through will reduce its strength by approximately 20%. Therefore, if your signal is already weak, fitting solar panels will reduce it further if the aerial is in the loft.