Cable TV


Cable television is received through a fibre optic cable to a cable receiver without using an aerial. The main provider of cable television in the UK is Virgin Media. Interference to cable television is extremely rare and the faults are usually down to faults with the feed itself or with cables connecting the cable receiving box to your television.  

What is likely to be a perceived interference fault is usually due to the following. Therefore, we recommend you complete the steps below to eliminate any faults with your equipment set up:

  • Cable and Connectors

Check to ensure any of your cables and connectors from your cable box to your television set have not become damaged. You should use good quality cable and connector’s, as poor quality cables and connectors can reduce the strength of the signal.

  • Connections

Ensure all your connections between your television and cable receiver are connected securely. If you have no picture, try disconnecting the HDMI or SCART cable from the television to the cable box.

  • Faults in your Local Area 

Check to see if there is a service fault in your area you can use Virgin Medias Service status tool. Virgin Media have a comprehensive help site.

However, if after checking the above, you still persist to experience faults we recommend you contact your cable television network provider.