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Getting the best signal is key to good satelite reception. Many of the problems reported by viewers turn out to be related to their satellite installation.

Satellite dishes can move if they are not securely fixed, and can be damaged by wind and debris in exposed locations. Loose cables can move about and eventually break.

Most satellite problems will result in loss of some (or all) channels. The picture might freeze or pixellate.

What to do

  • Wait a few minutes to see if any message appears on the screen from your satellite provider. If your neighbours use satellite TV, check to see if they are affected.
  • Reboot your satellite receiver by switching it off at the mains for ten minutes and then switch the power on again. Allow the receiver a few minutes to reach full operation.
  • Ensure your connecting cable is securely screwed into the back of the satellite receiver, then check that the dish still seems to be pointing correctly. It should generally be pointing in the same direction as your neighbours’ dishes.  
  • Check for obstructions which might be obscuring the part of the sky the dish points at.
  • If the weather is very bad, especially if there is heavy rain or snow, wait until conditions improve.

If these actions don’t improve your reception, you should seek the advice of your satellite retailer or installer; we would recommend using a professional installer. Or speak to your satellite provider, the two main satellite providers are Freesat and Sky.

For help with aerials and dishes we would recommend using a professional installer. We cannot recommend individual installers but you may wish to seek advice from a recognised industry body, such as the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI). Alternatively visit the Website of Registered Digital Installers (RDI) Get Me Digital is the consumer site of the RDI, created to promote digital installation and digital service providers directly to the consumer. 


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