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Plugs, sockets & cables

Reception problems can occur if interconnecting cables are damaged or loose.  In particular:

  • Cables should not be frayed or sharply bent
  • Plugs should be firmly attached to the cables and not loose in the sockets
  • Joints should be fully secure
  • SCART and HDMI connectors should be pushed fully home.  Beware of bent pins

   damaged_cable     coaxgrey


Use SCART connectors between VCRs, DVDs, Digital set-top boxes etc and the TV set rather than relying solely on RF leads. This gives sharper pictures and reduces the likelihood of ‘patterning' type interference on older TV sets where one device interferes with another. Fully screened SCART connectors can out-perform the cheapest basic types which may be flimsy and can give rise to interference problems between devices they are connected to.
NB. If you use HD equipment you should connect it with HDMI cables rather than SCART ones, otherwise the extra picture quality will be lost.

rf_plug   scart_plug   hdmi_plug

    RF connector         SCART connector                  HDMI connector

The quality of wall outlets can affect reception. Those with a screened metal plate are preferred for TV reception, and if signals are known to be marginal, use double-screened co-axial cable for the lead between your aerial outlet and your equipment. Also use metal RF plugs rather than plastic ones.  These measures can make your installation less prone to interference and can improve the strength of the signals reaching your equipment.


   Metal wall outlet


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