Top Tips

Problems can often be equipment-related. Check out our top tips before going further.

Getting Started

Step by Step Guide


  1. Enter your postcode into the Transmitter Checker to see about current faults on your local transmitter
  2. For trouble-free reception of television and radio – analogue or digital – a good installation is essential. Check our advice on installation equipment.
  3. Work out whether your problem is due to interference or reception
  4. Choose the correct broadcast platform for general advice and FAQ’s
  5. Choose the relevant help topic for your problem e.g Freeview, FM radio, DAB etc.

What Happens Next?

If after following the Step by Step Guide you have not been able to resolve your problem, please use the Problem Assistant. The Problem Assistant may direct you to information and guidance that you may not have thought relevant to your problem and will also collate information that the Radio and Television Investigation Service will need to instigate an investigation. This is the simplest and quickest way to contact the RTIS.

RTIS is limited to what assistance it can offer and for what devices. To find out more about what we can and can’t help you with visit our About Us section.

Transmitter Checker

Enter postcode and platform below to check for faults with your local transmitter (Format: AB12 2AA)

For information on how we use your postcode (and any other personal data you may provide to us), check the 'How we use your personal information' section on our 'About Us' page.

Problem Assistant

Get started with diagnosing your problem with our self-help tool.

Launch the tool by clicking here