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Could the quality of my installation have any effect on interference?

It may do. If signals are weak due to a poor installation, reception can be more susceptible to interference. Damaged cables can allow in some kinds of interference, and using an amplifier in your system can make disruption due to nearby radio communications more likely.


Many cases of perceived interference are, in fact, as a direct result of a poor quality or damaged installation. It is your responsibility to ensure your receiving equipment is of good quality and is appropriately maintained. Therefore, before proceeding further you may wish to give your system a health check.  If you live in a building with a communal aerial system, you should contact your landlord for help.

For help with aerials we would recommend using a professional installer. We cannot recommend individual installers but you may wish to seek advice from a recognised industry body, such as the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI). Alternatively visit the Website of Registered Digital Installers (RDI). Get Me Digital is the consumer site of the RDI, created to promote digital installation and digital service providers directly to the consumer.

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